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Lake at the base of three misty peaks

Dai Lai Lake near Hanoi with the three peaks of Tam Dao in the background- Photo: Mai Ly

Dai Lai Lake at the foot of Tam Dao Mountain, about 50km from Hanoi, is an ideal weekend destination for tourists.

The 525-hectare Dai Lai Lake is an artificial lake surrounded by immense forests, natural valleys, hills and mountainsides. Take a cruise to explore nature and visit some of the small islands in the lake.

At the north side of the lake stand the three misty peaks of Tam Dao Mountain Range. The area around their base is home to many species of birds. During sunset, while the last rays glisten, tourists can watch flocks of birds flying back to their nests, the reflection of their wings on the lake surface.

To the south side of the lake is Than Lan Mountain with a panoramic view of Hanoi from the peak.

Among the hotels around the lake, some European style villas are built among groves of trees.

Come to Dai Lai Lake to indulge in the endless green, to get closer to nature and admire splendid sceneries  – an unforgettable summer trip. (By Mai Ly in Hanoi)

The Saigon Times - August 11, 2010
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